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Selection, Sizing and Analysis Tools for Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal Compressor Performance Analysis & Energy Optimization Software

CTrend Overview (Existing Machines)

CTrend is a software (under Windows 10) for energy optimization, health-state evaluation and performance analysis of centrifugal compressors. CTrend monitors field data and actual performance deviation over time (includes MODBUS RTU or TCP/IP signal acquisition module).

During the configuration step, the operator selects which historian time intervals correspond to the compressor operating at its most optimal efficiency (ideally this corresponds to the clean/pristine condition of the machine). The relevant performance data serve then as baseline from which any efficiency departure would be noted. So analyzing the deviation of actual efficiency vs. baseline enables detection of performance degradation, for example because of mechanical deterioration (wear, clearance increase, fouling, etc.). This assessment can be useful in the context of assisting operators in optimizing production and reducing both energy consumption and carbon footprint, performing predictive maintenance and anticipating breakdowns.

In addition to baseline comparison, the reference map of the compressor's supplier (OEM) can be modeled and translated to a so-called invariant characterization. This enables the compressor maps to be adapted to new operating conditions. Further, if OEM maps associated with alternative cases are additionally available, these inputs can be accounted for in the characterization process thereby extending the predictability range (benefit applies to stage-stacked compressors, see volume ratio effects).

To learn more, see this presentation and quick tutorial.

Sizer Overview (New Units)

Sizer is a centrifugal compressor selection software that handles between bearing design and multi-stage machines (API617, Ch. 2). The tool inludes special algorithms for performance stage stacking leading to the overall compressor map.

The model is based upon pre-stored individual stage performance data (2D and 3D stages) and is first of its kind as it uses an original data-driven formalism (artificial neural networks). Features include real gas equation of state, iteration on pressure, speed and flow; handling of design and off-design (alternative) cases is provided.

A preliminary shaft schematization module is available for shaft stiffness ratio estimation. Please consult us for an evaluation version.

QHmap New Centrifugal Compressor Preliminary Selection Tool (Rapid Screening)

QHmap is a calculator tool for rough compressor selection and sizing (under Windows 10). With a speadsheet-like (datagridview) interface and head vs. flow mapping module, QHmap can help in estimating centrifugal compressor duty (polytopic head, power and efficieny) and sizing parameters, and generating typical and customizable performance curves based on affinity law.

Methodologies employed are according to industry standards . Features include: Equation of state for real gases according to GERG-2008/ISO-20765-2, 3-point Huntington method for polytropic head calculations, H2S service severity check per NACE/ISO-15156, flow metering calculations as per ISO-5167, antisurge valve flow coefficient (Cv) verification as per ISA-S75.01. Further utility calculations include: Boiler feed water injection rates estimate (steam crackers) and estimation of impeller stress. Iso-contours for efficiency, gas power and discharge temperature can be plotted on head vs. flow map.

Target audience: rotating engineers, process engineers, engineering contractors, and OEM's.

To learn more, see this presentation. See also a QHmap sample report.

QHmap snapshot

Important: All software have been tested under windows 10. PC regional settings must be set to US (i.e., with dot as decimal separator). For QHmap, please unzip the downloaded file into a folder that does not necessitate elevated privileges. If you are testing CTrend and running Modbus simulator ModRSsim2, you would need to ensure Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package is installed.

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